About me:

Joe-eyeMy life in business really started around the fall of the wall in Europe, returning from Germany at the beginning of the 90’s saw my relationship with Europe, in particular Germany and Denmark develop further. Training in the business of chemistry and “Cosmeceuticals” gave me a chance to develop my first web presence which started with the availability of the first ISP’s and the 14.4 US Robotics modem’s :). So, Chemistries, Countries and Industries all connected through the EU and the WWW,  I’ve been involved and pretty much fully immersed in developing, branding, selling and building various types of Web Technologies since then. Over this time co-founding a number of businesses, introducing Start-ups to investors, partners and developing relationships with all types of companies from large corporate to semi state and third level institutions.

A “cross pollinator”,  I guess, best describes me – I’ve many  areas of interest. Distributed systems like RTMP multi-point realtime video, streaming video in the “broadcast” sense… I’ve also had a particular interest in virtual worlds like second life and hardware “connectivity” like Oculus, VR, AR – Bots and AI. Generally speaking “New technologies”. High throughput 16s rRNA Sequencing of the human and environmental microbiome to Graphene composites are also high on the list – I’ve always been interested in Chemistry too. Environmental, public health and world sustainability projects also make the list along with broadband technologies, Web development etc etc etc…  🙂

I’m a very proud Dad of two children.

It’s easier to post what others say about me! I’ve had the privilege of meeting some of the brightest minds in Ireland and beyond. And I respect what they say about me. Below, are a number of testimonials from my linkedIn profile.

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