For fun

When work, experimentation and fun, rolled into one…

I founded a business called back in 2003 and found many use cases for the service. When flash was basically banned by Steve Jobs I also started to see the weaknesses in the flash plugin and eventually, pulled the plug. I was great while it was a platform to meeting some great folks from all walks of life all over the world. I looked at models to educate, encourage discussion, debate and bring people together.

A business discussion, in this case called the Frank and Ron show came about where we brought intellect from mentors to start-ups, together. Exchanging knowledge and introductions. (This was long before “Hangouts” 😉 This was also when “bandwidth” was questionable in terms of quality and availability generally. So becoming an “expert” in bandwidth – was a priority.. firewalls, browsers and everything that went with upskilling users with all types of backgrounds. I had the chance to roll the platform out for Enterprise Ireland all over the world.

We had guest speakers from around the world logged in – San Francisco to various parts of Ireland.

When time allows, if the reason is a good one and I can afford to, I took on Pro-bono “projects”. I can’t help it! Below are a couple of examples of Mr. David McWilliam’s initiative “The People’s Economy”. This was about trying to educate those running for elections on the many questions they faced on the Ireland’s economics. We ran it every morning for 9 days.. exhausting to say the least. David, Brian Lucey, Stephen Kinsella and Ronan Lyons all gave their time FOC.. amazing!

I had started Irishdebate out of complete desperation with the lack of “open” non-biased and “interactive media” channels available to the public. The Irishdebate project was mostly based around economics and business on the run up to the last Irish elections. I’ve had the opportunity of meeting some of Ireland’s brightest people through the project.

Dr. Stephen Kinsella streaming from University Limerick.

You can see many more recorded videos from that time in Ireland… I was doing all of the background work – with little if any control over bandwidth at the speakers end.. in some cases the amount of people logging in exceeded the capacity of the server architecture.. it had become so popular. You can see more here

I also got involved with Second Life some years ago. Looking at the first recording of VLAB virtual environments you can understand where the interest in Second Life / virtual environments are going – this is VLAB – Originally developed by the U.S. Military.

Second Life and Monisation.