Let’s start with the very brilliant, Dr. Stephen Kinsella.

Dr. Stephen Kinsella
Senior Lecturer in Economics at University of Limerick

I’ve known Joe for about 3 years. Joe is someone with vision, and the skills to implement that vision. He sticks with projects other people would drop, at his own expense, just because he believes in the idea. That says something fundamental about the guy. This is a valuable person.

My father used to say that ideas are like arses, everyone’s got one. That is a truism (albeit a bit scatological). Joe gets around the problem of one idea too many, and he does it with wit, charm, and a dedication you’d be lucky to have working with you.

I’m just a lecturer. If I had more than just an arse in my trousers, I’d work with Joe on any project we both found interesting. I know he’d do a good job of working with technology I don’t even know exists yet, putting people together seamlessly, and broadcasting their thoughts to the world. I’ve been lucky to work with Joe on the IrishDebate and People’s Economy projects. Both took a scarce resource–experts’ time–and gave it for free to a willing public. The videos are still archived, and available to all.

Joe has produced a public good, at his own expense, just because he thinks it is important.

Who wouldn’t want to work with someone like that?

Drop me a line at stephen.kinsella@ul.ie if you want to know more, or watch the irishdebate.com videos to get a sense of just why I recommend Joe to you unreservedly.

Prof. Fionn Murtagh
Professor and Head of School of Computer Science & Informatics, De Montfort University

I got to know Joe through the innovative services he has been pioneering. In various ways I would class a good deal of Joe’s work as ahead of its time. From everything that I have observed, Joe has been consistent and dedicated in his work. I recommend Joe highly.

Ron Immink
father of two, entreprenerd, business book geek, CEO Bookbuzz, co-founder www.smallbusinesscan.com

Joe and I have worked on a number of projects to do with social media, online TV, online meetings, online debates. Online is the word. Have got to know him as a clear, non nonsense thinker. He is a cool dude too.

Ciarán Cuffe
Lecturer in Spatial Planning at Dublin Institute of Technology

Joe provides a fantastic on-line video-conferencing facility. It does what it says on the tin and is a superb product that allows multiple users, text, voice and video conferencing in one simple package. I’d have no hesitation in using him again.

Frank Hannigan
Start-ups, Director, Advisor, Technology Investor

I met Joe last year but already I feel as if he has been a permanent and valuable part of my life for decades. His energy, humour, ambition and ability to get things done marks him out as a great partner for any project.

DalkeyOpen is one project that reflects those personal attributes. Joe’s quiet effort and focus has made this one of Ireland’s most successful meetups. His generosity is the final ingredient worth mentioning- and it explains the broad and loyal network of valuable people who are invested in Joe’s success.

Pat Phelan
CEO @ Trustev

Joe is a powerhouse, one of the real good guys, with an incredible human side to him. His knowledge of wireless internet is encyclopedic and he was my go to guy whenever I needed help.
A tireless networker he has built an incredible group of smart people around him
Joe is an asset to any company, he is an absolute pleasure to work with and to be around.

Dermot Casey
Founder & CEO at Tinstring

I’ve gotten to know Joe over the past two years.

He’s a maven on the Irish tech scene, incredibly generous with his time and advice and with a deep understanding of technology. He also has a keen insight into where the technology is going and the value it can deliver.

He will never steer you wrong. I’d be more than happy to work with Joe on any project and would unreservedly recommend him to work with.


Ben Sykes
User Experience Design Strategist (IxD, UX)

Joe truly embodies the word visionary. He is able to think outside the box, and apply existing technology in new and unique ways. He is wonderful to collaborate with and has excellent execution. He is a true technology leader.


Karl Aherne
Executive Director, Wayra Ireland

Joe takes a consultative approach to working with clients and prospects ensuring that he fully understands their needs. He is professional and is an excellent relationship manager.


Hiroshi Okamoto
Managing Director at Touchstone Capital Securities

It’s been a while, but my memory of Joe is as being energetic, enthusiastic and always up to the task – qualities that stick in my mind from having enjoyed working together. His enthusiasm rubbed off on everyone he encountered – making difficult discussions seem easier, complex products seem less complicated and most importantly, wanting to hear what he had to say – qualities essential for business development.